Necromunda: The Book Of Ruin

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  • This 128-page hardback book contains:

    – Rules and background for the various cults, both alien and heretic, that have taken root across Necromunda
    – New Hangers-on: Cadaver Merchant, Heretek and Agitator
    – 18 scenarios that reflect subversive forces taking control of a hive
    – 6 multiplayer scenarios
    – A collection of tools to help an Arbitrator enhance players’ experience of scenarios and campaigns
    – Updated Trading Post
    – Rules and background for these Hired Guns: Queen Lorsha, Eightfold Harvest Lord, Abomination of Badzone 12, Hermaphage Magos, Alice Shivver, Jorth Slither and Vandoth the Fallen

    This is an expansion to Necromunda. The Necromunda Rulebook and Gangs of the Underhive are required to use the contents of this book.

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