Necromunda: Palanite Enforcer Patrol

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  • To aid them in their task, Palanite Enforcers have an impressive range of weaponry including shotguns, boltguns, autopistols, stub guns, sniper rifles and shock batons. The models have been designed with a huge amount of variety and options in assembly, meaning that every Enforcer can be unique. In total, you'll find:

    - 6 Enforcer shotguns
    - 6 Enforcer boltguns
    - 12 autopistols
    - 6 stub guns
    - 2 stub guns with flashlights
    - 2 sniper rifles
    - 2 shock batons
    - 2 concussion carbines
    - 2 magnacles
    - 12 heads – 10 helmeted and 2 unhelmeted

    This plastic kit is made up of 156 components and makes 10 Palanite Enforcers. It is supplied with ten 25mm Necromunda bases and a Palanite Enforcer Patrol transfer sheet. Rules for using a Patrol can be found in The Book of Judgement.

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