Ogor Mawtribes: Battletome - 2nd Edition

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  • This battletome contains:

    – Lore and art that explores the history of the Ogor Mawtribes, and how they battle today
    – A showcase of beautifully painted miniatures
    – Painting advice including examples of different skin, rusted blades, gut-plates, clothes, tattoos, ice weapons, banner symbols, fur and more
    – Allegiance abilities for Ogor Mawtribes, including a table of battle traits, four command trait tables, four artefacts of power tables, the Lore of Gutmagic and Lore of the Sun-Eater spell tables, an Everwinter Prayers table, and two mount traits tables
    – 10 warscroll battalions for fielding different combinations of models
    – 22 unit warscrolls and a scenery warscroll for the Great Mawpot
    – Pitched battle profiles for all units featured in this Battletome and the Great Mawpot, including min/max unit sizes, points values and battlefield roles

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