Table Top Hobby Convention For All!


The inaugural table top hobby convention from Griffing Gaming


Exhibition Hall, Latton Bush Centre, Harlow, CM18 7BL


GriffCon will be held on the 9th July 2022 from 10am until 4:30pm


Duncan Rhodes & Roger Yates

The Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy has one simple aim. To give you the skills to paint any miniature you want. They believe that anyone can paint and get a result that they are happy with. The only thing it requires is patience and someone to point you in the right direction.
Between the two of them, they have a wealth of experience and knowledge to help you on your journey. As a team, they have been producing and pioneering miniature painting tutorials for many years. They have taught thousands of people to paint by breaking down that one simple barrier….”I can’t do it.” Well, they believe you can.

Mid Winter Minis

Midwinter Minis has become one of You Tube’s most successful Warhammer content creators by endeavouring to make the hobby as a whole more accessible and inclusive for complete novices to experienced gamers alike. Their mixture of modelling and painting tutorials, fast paced battle reports and lore deep dives all seek to increase your enjoyment of the hobby by making the elements fast, fun and productive. From gigantic fighting machines and titans to scenery junk builds, fast effective painting techniques that will get your minis on the table with ease to classic old school painting, furious arena style battle reports and clear how to play tutorials, there is always something new to pique your interest no matter what. Add to this a genuine passion for the hobby, a silky smooth voice and a huge serving of humour you will never be disappointed by a visit to or from Midwinter Minis.


Hi I'm Nelinde, (pronounced Knee-Lynn-Dee) but you can call me Nel! I’m born and bred South Wales in the UK. I’m sadly not fluent in Welsh but I can say “Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwll
llantysiliogogogoch”, which I promise you is a real place in Wales! I'm a huge nerd/geek and love the colour BLUE! I love meeting new people from all different walks of life and getting to know everyone. I’m also a full time stay at home Mam so my Hubby and brood of children may be seen or heard on stream from time to time!

Studio J 7

Studio J7 is a full time miniature painter, commission artist and Twitch Partner, and will often catch him working along side GreenEyesKreations (aka Mrs Studio).
Studio J7 has been in the hobby for over 25 years and paints a wide selection of miniatures but his army of choice is Eldar Craftworlds.
He is also a Prop maker, crafting various weapons out of foam from the Warhammer Universe as well as various video game franchises.
Big on teaching and passing on what he has learnt, Studio J7 will be on hand to answer any hobby related questions, and will have a small selection of his work with him, and hopefully the massive Eldar Phantom Titan.

Green Eyes Kreations

GreenEyesKreations or GEK is a full time commission artist and Twitch streamer on her own channel, as well as appearing on the Studio J7 channel. GreenEyesKreations has been in the hobby for over 3 years now and has a very unique painting style and use of colour despite suffering from Tritanopia Colour Blindness. GEK is a big fan of Death Guard and Squigs and loves challenging paint schemes as well as scenery pieces. GEK is big on sharing her hobby journey with others and is always happy to answer any questions fellow hobbiest's may have. GEK will be bringing a selection of her work with her to GriffCon, including an Ork Stompa painted especially for the event as well as some of her Death Guard including "Hello Gritty and Parma Violence".


Bio Coming Soon

The Hobby Room

The Hobby Room, founded in November 2018, is a collaborative content creation partnership between Ceri and Ben that focuses on multiple aspects of the miniature wargaming hobby with a primary focus on Games Workshop products.
It's been a crazy couple of years, starting with a simple webcam and laptop - now to a position where Ceri can continue weekly hobby livestreams and Ben can be on the road, live streaming events any weekend of the year!
We are a family friendly community of a good amount of people that all share the same passion for the hobby as we all do where no question is too silly.
We are really looking forward to seeing you all at Griffcon this year and would be great to finally put some faces to those illusive usernames!

AC Miniatures

Hey, my name's Aaron aka AC Miniatures. I'm a miniature painter specialising in display pieces and characters, and streamer over on twitch.
After a hiatus I returned to the brushes back in 2020, and it's been a wild ride since. Whether it be doing demonstrations live on twitch, private coaching and feedback, running workshops or just having a hobby hang out, I'm passionate about the hobby as an art and love passing on whatever I can to help other painters realise goals (particularly when if its glazing and nmm...that's very much my jam).
Feel free to drop by and say hi, ask questions or just have a chat.


We are SquidZilla Ink! Founded during lockdown a group of friends got together to stream and produce content for miniatures painting and games! We are now a commission painting Studio and run an Etsy store to support VulkanLifts who has taken the plunge full time! We like to motivate others to paint and love the hobby so ask us anything about painting, converting or printing! We are currently championing a new upcoming game called Turnip28 and will be bringing some of our converted and printed miniatures to showcase this fun new game. So swing by say hi we look forward to meeting you!


Hiya, I’m Esmerelde but feel free to just call me Esme ("Ez-may")! I am best known for my various tea related shenanigans.
I've been playing Games Workshop games since I was around 7 years old, starting with Hero Quest and Battle Masters, but also playing family games including Talisman, Dungeon Quest and The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. I was first introduced to Warhammer at 18 years old and have been doing the hobby on and off ever since.
I can’t paint unless I’m talking and the community is what makes warhammer what it is. Chatting with other hobbyists and picking up new tricks and tips and sharing knowledge is fundamental to my enjoyment of everything Warhammer.


6PlusSave or you can call me Mark, I am a content creator for YouTube and Twitch.
I am also a Commission painter for Wargaming Miniatures ranging from Warhammer, DC to TTCombat.
I've been playing Tabletop Wargames since 1998, starting with Warhammer 40,000, but also playing other games including Warhammer AOS, Bushido, Dropzone and LOTR. I was first introduced to Warhammer at 8 years old and have been doing the hobby on in different forms ever since.
I love painting and crafting with other hobbyists, this is where I think the Wargaming community is at it's best. Sharing knowledge I trully believe is a fundamental to the enjoyment of everything Tabletop Wargaming.


GusTheHut aka Ian, is a commission painter of Warhammer models and has a Twitch channel where is give entertaining insite to the world of miniature painting and the hobby in general, in my opinion (Griffin) he is one of the most talented painters I have met, but he wouldn't tell you that. Don't miss the opertunity to meet Gus and why not get a picture with him.

VIP Access (The Green Room)

*Exclusive access to the Green Room
* Complimentary Food and Drink
* Goodie bag with Merch included.
* First chance to book your base table.
* A chance to take part in a table top game in the green room against a streamer.
* Attend streamers corner, where you have a chance for a meet and greet with streamers.
* And more will be added....

about us

Here at Griffin Gaming, we are a somewhat small hobby store. We opened in late 2019 and have grown an extraordinary amount since then. Our customers have been a priority since the moment we sold the first product and since then we try to reflect their importance to our small business through our prices, order processes, and frequent giveaways.

Latest GriffCon News

Floor Plan Almost done

12 May 2022
The plans are finally looking like a great layout, keep an eagle eye out for the final plans soon.

Duncan Rhodes Confirmed

01 April 2022
No this is not a April fools, we have confirmation from Duncan and Roger they will be attending GriffCon

Streamers Confirmed

01 March 2022
We have streamers confirming their attendance this is getting really Exciting now!

Painting Competition Details

25 Feb 2022
We now have details of the painting competitions online, check above and click on the tab for painting competition to find out more.

Trade Invites Sent

28 Sept 2021
Today we have invited all of our trade partners to attend GriffCon
We will update this page once we have confirmations of attendance.

New Guests

20 Sept 2021
We are always looking for host more streamer and youtube guests for GriffCon, if you would like someone to attend, le us know and we will try to invite them along


15 Sept 2021
Information about the local hotels has been published, if you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Tickets on Sale

13th July 2021
Tickets officially went on sale today for next years GriffCon, don't miss out on the early bird special or the VIP access.


The Harlow Hotel By Accor

Just down the road from Griff Con this is by far the easiest hotel to find if you are coming to Griff Con via the M11. This is also the location of the Meet & Greet drinks which will be hosted the night before Griff Con.


Holiday Inn Express Harlow

Located in the town centre of Harlow next to the bus terminal, if you are getting the bus to Griff Con this may be a nice option for you to choose.


Premier Inn Harlow East Hotel

Located in Church Langley, this hotel is next door to a Tesco and fuel station, this provides a nice alternative for people arriving via Car.It also has a restaurant onsite located adjacent to the hotel.


Harlow Travelodge

This Hotel is located next to the Harlow Train Station and if you are planning to come to Griff Con via train then this is a good option. There is also decent bus routes and an onsite restaurant.


Why are you coming?